We entered the store on a very busy Saturday morning to look at dresses for my daughter’s year 12 formal. We had been browsing for a while, and had our names taken and told that someone would be with us soon. For a very busy day, they attended to us quite quickly. The Bridal Company designs and makes their dresses and guarantee that they will not sell the same dress to anyone from the same school – not even in another colour! My daughter had her heart set on a red dress with lace and ended up trying on 2 red dresses, a retro floral dress, a blue sequinned dress and a black lace dress. Each style was completely different – only the black one was what she had pictured, but in red. Well, we were only looking, not buying. But, the blue dress looked AMAZING on her curvy figure, and we ended up ordering it there and then. Can’t fault the customer service at all! Well done, TBC. This was our second formal dress purchased here. I highly recommend this company.

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