I have purchased my wedding dress from The Bridal Company, after a long hard look around. Alex has been so very helpful in the process of narrowing down the dress, and might I just say – she is an excellent pinner. I was actually able to see what the dress would look like on me both front & back (which I haven’t been able to anywhere else as they’re all too big for me). I would recommend these ladies and these dresses for everyone, as there is something to suit all styles and the pickiest of them all. 

If someone were to offer me a designer dress worth tens of thousands of dollars for free, I would still choose this amazing dress which I am so lucky to have bought as it is not only absolutely to die for amazing, but the quality and workmanship in the dress is astounding. It like each piece was handmade and put together just in the right way, with the perfect amount of everything. Oh, and I practically don’t even need it to be altered – the size and length are perfect (it was meant to be!)

Thank you so much Ladies, I can’t wait until our big day to give you some happy snaps.

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