I’d just like to say what an amazing shop The Bridal Company is. I was at my wits end looking for a formal gown and wasn’t keen on going to a “Bridal Shop” because as we all know you mention the word “wedding” and prices go through the roof! Well I couldn’t have been more wrong! The Bridal Company was my last shop to go and check out, however now it will be my first shop! I looked online and saw there was a sales rack and thought to myself “I bet it will be a tiny rack with shocking dresses and not one in my size”. I couldn’t have been more wrong!! The “sales rack” had an endless variety of styles, colours and sizes as well and I was lucky enough they had a half price sale too. I received amazing service, got to look at gorgeous gowns varying in price from $99 upwards and the young sales assistant was very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful. I couldn’t recommend this shop enough. Thank you for all your help and making the experience pleasant as I hate shopping 🙂 Thanks again from an extremely happy customer and one that will return when the need arises.

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