I can’t thank the staff here enough for the amazing service they gave to my daughter when she was selecting a dress for her formal. She wanted something simple and elegant and a dress that they would feel comfortable in. She was totally overwhelmed when we walked in and by the time we left she was in tears – she’s not a girly girl and for someone that never wears a dress, it was all too much. She went back to the shop of her own accord the next day with her boyfriend and the staff helped her select a beautiful dress and decked her out with jewels to complete the look. She came away from that day knowing she had found her dress. I went in the next day to place the deposit and view the dress. The way they treated her and made her feel special was so unbelievably beautiful. It bought tears to my eyes. From what I thought was going to be a dreaded experience ended up being a relaxed and happy moment. Thank you to all the staff who helped us and made her feel just as special as a bride that was there picking her wedding gown! Your service and advice was just amazing and ALL your staff were amazing. I will definitely be back in a couple of years for the next daughter’s dress! I highly recommend this amazing bunch of women at The Bridal Company. Xx

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