We stopped in here on advice from my celebrant and were glad that we did! Annalise was a pure delight and very professional. She pulled the exact – I mean exact dress I wanted by my verbal description (I had looked in another shop and online and couldn’t find it). I fell in love with it on the rack however it wasn’t for my skin tone. She pulled 4 dresses for me and I picked one on advice from my 2 maids. She helped me into the dresses and made me feel very comfortable the whole time I stood my size 16 body in mix matched underwear in the change room. Turns out the dress I chose was the one the maids picked and came in under $500. She jacked me up in jewellery and a veil and it was a sure thing. From what I saw most dresses where $1200 + and were of gorgeous, luxurious fabrics, laces and gems. Much better quality than other shops selling for same price. The service was very posh and Annalise made me feel like a proper bride like on the TV shows. The had a great selection of styles, sizes and laces. (I even had to get clipped into a dress to make it smaller!) Also a large collection of formal/maid dresses in heaps of colours and different styles. This shop is a must see if you’re on the hunt. Allow time as they have a 6 month order in on wedding dresses.

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