I cannot thank the team at the Bridal company enough for how amazing they were. As this was my first ever visit to a wedding dress shop I only planned to window shop but the ladies there insisted I try some dresses on. 3.5hours later and lot of patience and support from the team at the bridal company and I actually said “yes to my dress”. I couldn’t be happier! I would like to make a special mention to Liv for how absolutely amazing she was. I had no idea what I was looking for so we tried on a bit of everything. The poofy, the frilly, the blingy, the lacey you name it we tried it. She was so patient with me and if it wasn’t for her amazing expertise I wouldn’t have found my dress. She seemed to know what I wanted more than what I did. Jo was absolutely amazing too, they really know their stuff at this place I am super glad they insisted I stay and try things on. I was only visiting from NZ for 2 days not even intending on doing anything wedding related. I feel so at ease knowing my dress is ordered and will be delivered to my doorstep in NZ if I cannot come back when it arrives. Thank you thank you thank you ladies ��

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