I stumbled across this amazing bridal store by accident after taking a wrong turn; I was by myself and never expected to try on any wedding dresses. I walked in out of curiosity and was blown away by the HUGE range of dresses from bridal to formal. Alex approached me to help and proceeded to find several beautiful dresses that matched my description and were in my budget. After less than 30mins I had found my perfect wedding dress, over the moon with how unique it was. Best part was that it was half my budget!! I think the full length mirrors, lounges, veils and flower bouquets add a beautiful touch to make the shopping experience feel special. Despite my being there by myself, I was made to feel comfortable and confident in my choice. My family and bridal party all love the dress, and it was the easiest wedding-related decision I’ve had to make!! Thank you to the staff, particularly the lovey Alex. I will be recommending you to anyone looking for beautiful and unique dresses, at wonderful prices.

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