Important Information

The Bridal Company has not aligned itself with any Internet selling services.
We only distribute through authorised retailers. If you choose to buy a label that we stock from such selling services, you will not receive an authentic gown. The dress could be a counterfeit copy that does not meet the same quality and craftsmanship of the gown.
The Bridal Company cannot assume any responsibility for a gown purchased on the Internet. You may not be able to make any returns on a gown bought on the Internet. Inorder to ensure that you have an authentic gown, please contact The Bridal Company. You should only buy from authorised retailers. All our retailers stand behind their merchandise.

We have never before felt so obligated to warn brides of the dangers when buying their dream gown. However at this time in the wedding industry there are many overseas web sites stealing from brides. Many of these sites you will see displaying beautiful images of designer gowns, but when you receive the gowns, they are shockingly made cheap copies, incorrect sizing, incorrect colour, styling looking nothing like the beautiful gowns pictured, sometimes falling apart completely or many times not arriving at all, with no refund. Time and time again we have girls coming into our retail stores just days before their wedding crying because they have bought from one of these overseas websites that sell cheap copies..

Please contact The Bridal Company for your local authorised retailers.